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Let's face it, taking a vacation can get expensive, and fast. Sadly, that's probably the reason why so many people simply forego their annual vacation and opt instead for a staycation or just a short weekend getaway. Luckily, it's possible to get cheap deals on hotels, especially when you can find and take advantage of vacation packages.

However, some people might not believe some of the cheaper offers that can be found online. They might think they're too good to be true, but they're real, alright.

Just think about it...If you owned a hotel or resort, would you rather leave your room empty for the night or offer it at a more affordable rate to make it available to more people? A lot of hotels would choose the latter. It's a simple promotional model and a win-win for everyone when properties are looking to fill occupancy.

Stay Promo specializes in finding the most affordable promotions and providing them to the public in a neat and informative manner with a focus on user experience.

The goal is simple: To save you the most amount of money possible on your next vacation.

You can browse through all of the discounted deals below and select the best fit.

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