Cenote Dos Ojos – The Best Cenote In Tulum?

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The exploration of this particular cenote and that of the network which it finds itself in is relatively new. Exploration began back in 1987, making this cenote quite young in terms of its use as a swimming hole and tourist destination hotspot. There are plenty of things about Cenote Dos Ojos which make it especially […]

Is It Safe To Travel To The Dominican Republic? Top 6 Do’s And Don’ts

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There has been a bit of upsetting news coming from the Dominican Republic recently regarding some mysterious instances of illness striking travelers visiting the country. The Dominican Republic’s Minister of Tourism, Francisco Javier Garcia, has taken a stand to protect the integrity and security of the country, even pointing out that the United States has […]

These Cancun Water Activities Will Astound You On Vacation

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Cancun is widely regarded as a haven for adrenaline junkies, looking to take to the water to let off some steam in the most awesome of ways. There are a number of different providers of water sports and water activities within Cancun and the surrounding areas that may suit different types of people, just as […]

Don’t Miss These Playa Del Carmen Hidden Gems and Secrets

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There are so many places to go and things to do in Playa Del Carmen that you really don’t need to spend too much time searching for it. It’s all right there on your doorstep if you want it, everything from swimming in cenotes to fine dining on the beach front. If you look a […]

Fun Facts About Chichen Itza That Will Blow Your Mind

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You might not know this but Chichen Itza is a place in Yucatan that ranks as one of the most visited locations in the whole of Mexico. It is a place of extreme archaeological and historical value and importance, due to the fact that it marks the center of an ancient pilgrimage taken by the […]

The Best Bars Playa Del Carmen Has To Wet Your Whistle

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If you’re looking for a bar in Playa Del Carmen, you won’t have to look very far or for very long at all, given that there are bars virtually everywhere you look. If you’re after the best bars Playa Del Carmen though, you may just have to dig a little bit deeper and look in […]

The Best Cenotes Tulum Has To Offer

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The Yucatan Peninsula is famed for having the largest congregation of underwater sinkholes, also known as cenotes, anywhere in the world. In ancient times, this place was revered as sacred by the Mayans, whereas nowadays these cenotes pull travelers and tourists from every corner of the world. Cenotes are formed over time, as a result […]

The Best Restaurants In Playa Del Carmen To Feed The Beast Within

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When it comes to choosing somewhere to eat in Playa Del Carmen, you’ll most likely end up feeling just like a kid in a candy store with the vast array of dining options available to you. From the authentic to the tacky in just a few short strides along any of the major streets and […]

Your Ultimate Cancun Packing List To Check Off Before Visiting Mexico

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For anyone visiting Cancun in the near future, there will always be the usual questions about exactly what to pack and bring and about exactly what they can leave behind. Fortunately for anyone about to make that journey, plenty of others have made the very same journey before you. This Cancun packing list includes all […]

Top 9 Quintana Roo Destinations You’ll Regret Skipping On Vacation

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The impact of a meteorite long ago was the cause behind the formation of the Yucatan peninsula. What was left was a flat territory, completely full to the bursting point with underground rivers. Three Mexican states meet in this place, including Yucatan, Campeche and the relatively newly appointed state of Quintana Roo. Whilst this state […]