In this fast-paced era, it’s not impossible to get a really good deal on a hotel stay. That’s especially true when you know about one of the timeshare presentation deals that offer a highly discounted rate in exchange for a timeshare tour.

But can someone give us a brutally honest breakdown of what to expect and how to proceed with these as a smart consumer? Well, here it is. First, the basics so we’re on the same page.

What is a timeshare? A timeshare is an arrangement where several joint owners can use a property, usually a condo, as a vacation home under certain intervals like a set week or a point system.

You’ve probably heard of a friend or family member going away to use their timeshare for a week, maybe in a popular destination like Florida or Cancun. Actually owning one might not be for everyone, but if you do travel they can offer big savings and an opportunity to visit places you might not otherwise consider.

Of course, you might want to see what they’re about without necessarily buying one yet. Sometimes, the resorts offer a chance to check these out without obligation. That’s where these Stay Promos come in.

Through (the site you’re on right now), you can stay at great hotels and resorts at up to 80% off their retail rates and you only have to attend a 2-hour tour of the property. This way you get to preview it the best way (by firsthand experience) with no obligation to buy anything whatsoever.

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But whether you travel on a timeshare vacation package through us or not, you should know what to expect in advance before you go. Below is an bluntly transparent list of Do’s and Don’ts to consider if you’re in the market for bargain hotel deals, a discount vacation package, or if you’re considering taking advantage of any stay with a timeshare promo.

Do save BIG on your next vacation.  There are lots of hotels and resorts willing to offer significant discounts to qualified individuals and couples in exchange for just 2 hours of your time to show off their amenities and go over the benefits of a travel club membership or vacation ownership. It’s definitely a good bargain and as long as you’re qualified, it can offer huge savings on weekend getaways and family vacations. We have lots of great locations at over 80% off to popular areas like, CancunOrlandoDaytona Beach, Branson, Myrtle Beach, and Vegas.

Don’t spend more than you have to. Besides saving big on your stay you can also find discounted attraction passes and restaurant coupons in the lobby of the hotel. Also, if you happen to book a room that has a fridge and cooking elements, like the stove and such, stop at a grocery store, like Wal-Mart, and stock up on snacks and food and other basic supplies you might need during your trip. This will prevent you from having to eat out for every meal or having to pay exorbitant costs for sunscreen or other items that may come in handy for your stay.

Do bring your photo ID, confirmation letter, and valid major credit card for check-in. These timeshare presentation deals have a standard set of qualifications, which are clearly printed on the terms and conditions and confirmation letter. In order to qualify for the discounted rate you must meet certain tenets, one of which is to have (and present) a valid major credit card with a Visa, MasterCard, or American Express logo and your name on it. This means that it cannot be a debit card, prepaid card, gift card, business credit card, etc. If you are married or cohabitating with a significant other you must also present valid, non-expired state-issued photo IDs with matching addresses. This is to prove that you do in fact live together at the same residence. Most states and provinces have laws about getting an address updated anytime you move, and it’s always good to have the most up-to-date information on your ID, so this should be a no-brainer. You will also want to print out your confirmation letter and bring it with you. This letter has all the information for your stay along with the terms of the timeshare tour deal, so this will definitely help avoid any discrepancies during check in.  If you fail to show up without a valid major credit card, state-issued photo ID, or your confirmation letter you’re going to have a bad time.

Don’t disregard the room occupancy for your stay. You will be asked, prior to booking, about your party, so when you say you’re bringing a total of 4 people, and then bring a 5th person, don’t be surprised when the hotel doesn’t have the room to accommodate your party and has to turn you away. Hotel rooms have strict occupancy levels they must abide by due to fire codes set forth by the county laws. We know it’s a fun vacation and you don’t like having to leave anyone out, so just make sure that you’re sure of your party and let us know when booking so we can accommodate accordingly.

Do make sure to set aside time for your timeshare presentation. Your tour will never be on the day you check in or the day you check out. It’s only 2 hours (max) and it’s a good idea to show up a few minutes early. It will take place on the 2nd day of your trip in the morning. If the time is not indicated on your confirmation letter it will be scheduled with you during check in. It’s extremely important that you make it to the tour since that is the only reason for the discounted rate. If you fail to make it to the tour, or show up late, you will be charged the full rack rate for the stay.

Don’t schedule more than one timeshare presentation deal at a time in the same area. Timeshare resorts frown on using multiple deals back to back. While there’s no obligation to purchase anything, they don’t like the competition. Trying to “piggyback” tours will result in having to pay rack rate for all the nights booked. You may think that there’s no way for the resorts to find out, but they do talk to each other and most use the same booking platform. They’re aware of the deals being offered by competing properties. If you’re looking to extend your stay or secure additional savings, it would be better to just inquire about discounted rates for extra nights.

Do make sure to have fun. The tour is not something to dread. It is usually just a trip around the property to show off the resort and it’s typically a fun event. It helps you to get familiarized with the property layout and see where all the amenities are. It will end up helping you keep your bearings during your stay. You can take pictures, post on social media, and make sure to really live it up during your stay. The resorts already know that only 1 out of every 10 people who attend the resort tour will end up buying into the program, BUT they hope you fall in love with it and recommend it to all your friends and family. Maybe they will earn your future repeat business (and maybe your family members or friends).

Don’t feign interest. You may have heard horror stories about doing a timeshare tour promotion, where someone signs up for 2 hours and then 5 hours later they leave with a timeshare they don’t want. Well, to be perfectly honest, the resort staff showing you the property doesn’t want to spend 5 hours with you either. If you don’t show any interest in the product or program, you will be out in 2 hours, but if you start asking questions, they will answer them for you. That is what they get paid to do. At the end of the day YOU decide how long you’ll be there. Yes, there’s a minimum of 2 hours, but after that you’re free to go. Nobody can force you to sign a contract, so if you leave with new deeded property or membership, it’s because you wanted it.

Do make sure to do your research before you travel on your trip. Most of the time you know the property you will be touring before you go, so it’s always a good idea to know what is in that area, like attractions and restaurants, and also what amenities and services the hotel or resort offers. Another useful tip: check the weather a few days or a week before you’re due to go, so you can plan your activities accordingly. Also, if you do decide to buy into the property or program make sure to take your time to read through the contract thoroughly and ask questions if you’re unsure. For some people, like those that have a favorite travel destination they like to visit yearly or those that can see a benefit of having access to thousands of hotels and locations to trade into it, timeshare may be a good fit. It could end up saving you quite a bit of money if you’re able to use it. For some, like those that prefer cruises or staying in other locations without the hassle of exchanging through the network, it may not be for you. Either way, it’s a good deal to get a few nights, or maybe a couple of passes, to hear them out.

Don’t leave before your time is up and make sure that you’re given all documentation for the tour. Some companies will be give you a voucher or certificate showing that you completed your tour. If they operate this way make sure not to lose it. This is necessary for check out because you will have to give it to the front desk so they will be able to account for your promotional nights. If you fail to give them the voucher you will be charged full price for the stay. Some resorts have an internal database to keep track that information, so if it’s not made clear, ask the representative before you leave the area how it works or if there’s anything you need for check out. If you want to make sure you’re not there longer than you have to be, you may want to take your phone with you during your designated tour time. You can set a quiet timer for the amount of time you’re obligated to stay and keep an eye on it. This will let the guide know you’re really not interested and that you are just there to complete the required tour and be on your way.

These tips are just a few things to consider when looking into taking advantage of a 3 day Orlando vacation package, discount vacation package, or when you’re trying to find the best bargain hotel deals. You can really find good deals on hotel rooms with this method and save yourself literally thousands of dollars, if you know where to look. Even the savviest of travelers use these deals to save money. It works out well when you know what to expect ahead  of time and prepare yourself for it prior to traveling.

Even if you’re not in the market to buy a timeshare, it’s not a bad idea to explore your options with timeshare tour deals and start traveling like you are. This will give you an opportunity to see what the offers are, provide you with a bit of education about pricing and how the whole timesharing program works, and you may even find something that will suit you and traveling style for an affordable rate. You can’t knock it if you haven’t tried it. You may have heard stories from friends or family members, or seen other sites online warning you to stay away from these types of offers, but things have certainly changed over the past decade. There are lots of legitimate deals and money-saving offers out there for the taking and, with the rise of social media and online presence becoming the norm, resorts aren’t going to risk losing your good word of mouth advertising over trying to force you buy something you don’t want. Honestly, you having a good time and recommending these hotels and resorts is worth way more.

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