Best Site For Hotel Deals – The Best Site For Hotel Deals

The travel season is officially upon us! With the cold weather creeping in and the holidays, like Christmas and Spring Break coming up quick (and it’s not too soon to start thinking about your summer vacation, too), there’s no wonder why people are online trying to find the best site for hotel deals. It’s easy to book hotels online, but not every website offers the same thing and it’s sometimes difficult to find a good deal, especially for the busy months when hotels raise their prices, if there are even rooms available.

When looking for a hotel room promotion online, always remember that

a good travel website should not only provide plenty of information on the hotel or resorts itself, but also offer other ways to get in contact, should any other questions arise. At we offer a toll-free phone number (1-888-407-3849) where you can speak with a live representative Monday through Friday 9AM to 4PM EST. If it’s not within those hours there is also a voicemail system to leave a message, and rest assured a representative will call you back. There is also an email you can reach us at (, should you prefer to contact us that way. You will also find lots of pictures of each hotel and resort we are currently offering, which includes photos of the on-site amenities and the room.

The best site for hotel deals should also provide significant savings. We not only provide outstanding hotel and resort accommodations at up to 80% off for the resort preview rate, but some of our packages even include entertainment passes to nearby attractions, like SeaWorld Aquatica or one of the various dinner theater shows. We’re always negotiating with the hotels and resorts directly to be able to offer our customers the BIGGEST bang for their buck, whether it is steeper discounts, upgraded units, or other attraction passes. Let us know if you need entertainment passes or extra nights and we will always do our best to fulfill your request and save you the most amount of money possible.

Lastly, when buying hotel accommodations online, it’s smart to consider the source. We travel thousands of people every year, and that number keeps growing annually. We earn LOTS of good word of mouth advertising by sending friends and families on great, quality vacations. If you’re online right now, trying to find the best site for hotel deals, look no further. We are the top website for hotel promotions. Check out our StayPromo Fan Page on Facebook to stay in the loop for new promotions, giveaways, and travel news. We’d definitely love to have the opportunity to become the best travel website for hotel promotions and a chance to travel you and your family in the future. You could even bookmark the website and visit us in the future! is your one-stop shop if you’re looking for a great, discounted hotel stay. Check out our StayPromo online hotel specials here.